Our Founder

One Voice was founded by Chris Hoskins and has its roots in ‘Singing For The Terrified’, which began with half a dozen brave singers and steadily grew to over thirty confident One Voice choristers. The secret of success? Chris made it all as enjoyable as it was challenging, with a totally inclusive no-audition welcome to natural voice a Capella singing and an ongoing rare combination of non-judgment and high standards. Chris Hoskins: poet, songwriter, arranger and singer in her own right, has been a weekly source of inspiration. Committed to the belief that everyone can sing, she established a programme that ensured everyone was relaxed and focused, ready to breathe and listen in order not only to sing, but to surpass their hopes in singing well. She amazed and motivated with an astounding ability to hear at least four parts in her head, to concentrate on teaching one, yet simultaneously to listen to all others. In fact, her theory-grounded teaching, patience, good humour and refusal to accept anything less than her concept of perfect, have become legendary.

Consequently, One Voice has drawn its members from all walks of life, many travelling from neighbouring counties for sessions under Chris’ directorship. During practice evenings, songs ranged from her own compositions to South African, Croatian, Maori and Greek, the criteria that they ‘were beautiful’ and lent themselves to the group’s voices. But it is in memory of past members that  “My Scottish Lullaby” has a particular place in everyone’s hearts.