What the choir say

What the choir say about being members of the choir

“I have been made very welcome and love being involved with the choir, everyone loves singing and your wonderful arrangements make it a wonderful experience of sound and friendship”  Caroline  

“Singing with One Voice not only taught me to sing in tune,  but also that singing with others is so much about listening to those around you to “tune” your voice to theirs”.

“A liberating and enjoyable experience. I look forward to it every week”  

“After being told over 50 years ago to never sing it was wonderful to join a Choir and be told that everyone can sing.  I now find much pleasure in singing and also the true friendships I have found – all down to a very talented and patient teacher”  

“It’s so relaxing in to be in a non-competetive non-judgemental group of people and yet produce such excellent results and so many laughs”

One Voice (the poem!)

On a Thursday evening long ago at Earlsdon Methodist Hall
we arrived like timid little mice, terrified and small
Knocking knees, trembling hearts, faces scared and ashen
but Chris inspired us to sing out loud with confidence and passion

First the physical warm-up which leaves our heart-rate reeling
swinging arms, stamping feet and yes, we kiss the ceiling
Up and down the scales we climb as tired voices mingle
hold our breath, shush like trains and hum with lips that tingle

At last we’re moving on to singing starting off with rounds
When we practise all together we make fantastic sounds
but, divided into smaller groups it’s so easy to go wrong
out of tune, out of time, whoops – another ruined song

We’re warmed up for harmonies – bottom, middle, top
The guys have such a rich deep tone we hope they never stop
The middle group has twiddly bits – pressure overload
and tops have to sing so high their vocal chords explode

Chris probably thinks as we grow old we’ll slowly drift away
Oh no, we all belong to One Voice for ever and a day
When we’ve lost our teeth and memories and brains have turned to foam
we’ll trundle in on zimmer frames from our old people’s home

On a Thursday evening long ago we made a momentous choice
so thank you Chris for guiding us on our journey with One Voice
One day we’ll make you really proud, we’ll all be walking tall
performing a sell-out concert at the Royal Albert Hall

Jane Hill